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Table of Content-Volume 20, Issue 1 - August 2016

Hypothyroidism as a sequelae following treatment of head and neck cancer
S Suresh
Subject: Medical Oncology, Medical Sciences

A Study of Outcome of cranio-maxillofacial soft-tissue injuries at tertiary care health Centre
Priyesh Patil, Vaibhav Mirajkar
Subject: Dental Surgery, Medical Sciences

Study of weaning practices in rural area of Latur
Vidyadevi D Kendre, Varsharani Kendre
Subject: Paediatrics and Community Medicine, Medical Sciences

A Clinical profile and Factors associated with Migraine in Pediatric patients
Shivakumar R
Subject: Paediatrics, Medical Sciences

Comparative study of efficacy of per rectal misoprostol, intravenous methylergometrine and intramuscular carboprost in active management of third stage of labour
Sonal Agrawal, Vimal Kumar Agarwal
Subject: OBGY and Surgery, Medical Sciences

Depression associated with cardiac surgery and the probable risk factors- A randomised observational clinical study
Davan K R, Bindu, Mallikarjuna, Sowmia Mammen, Sumaiya Sabreen
Subject: Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Medical Sciences

Ileo -colic Intussusception in Adults due to Lipomatous Polyp: A rare case
Harpreet Singh, D G Mote
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

The effect of circuit resistance training on upper limb muscle strength in volleyball attacker players
Pradeep Borkar, Bhavika Keswani, Meenakshi Vairagade
Subject: Physiotherapy, Medical Sciences

Bilateral persistent fetal vasculature: A rare entity
Gayathri Mohan, D K Sindal, Gaurav Paranjpe
Subject: Ophthalmology, Medical Sciences

Study of gender differences in polysomnographic profile of obstructive sleep apnea patients
Mrutunjay M Mahindrekar, Sanjiv V Zangde, Vikas R Patel, Sanjay Muttyepod, Manish Meshram
Subject: Pulmonary Medicine, Medical Sciences

Comparison of sample and re-sampling techniques in the estimation of third trimester obstetric parameters
Arumugam P, Keshav Singh, Rajendran A K, Kasthuri A
Subject: Community Medicine, Medical Sciences

Synergistic effects of intrathecal magnesium sulphate to the combination of bupivacaine and fentanyl spinal anaesthesia in patients undergoing lower abdominal surgeries
Mallikarjuna et al.
Subject: Anaesthesia , Medical Sciences

A study of gentamicin level in CSF of the pediatric patients with meningitis
Sham D Kulkarnil
Subject: Paediatrics, Medical Sciences

Manual small incision cataract surgery (MSICS) under topical anesthesia
Bhalchandra S Joshi, V H Karambelkar, Vikrant A Narwadel
Subject: Ophthalmology, Medical Sciences

Effect of rehablitation on muscle imbalance in upper cross syndrome
Chhotwani Tanuja, Vairagade Meenakshi, Borkar Pradeep
Subject: Physiotherapy, Medical Sciences

Morbidity pattern among elderly population at tertiary care hospital: A retrospective study
Chinte L T, Andurkar S P, Kendre V V, Dixit J V
Subject: Community Medicine, Medical Sciences

Development of indigenous innovative visual reinforcement system for hearing screening among young children
Shradha S, Daisy E, Gladys Prathiba D, Krithika K
Subject: Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Medical Sciences

In-Vitro cultivation of mycobacterium leprae and confirmation by molecular method
D Pal, K Ghosh
Subject: Microbiology, Medical Sciences

A clinical study of effect of transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) in labour analgesia
Bharati Rajani, Hemlata Chaudhary, Bhavna V Panchmatiya, Ravi Agrawal
Subject: Anaesthesiology, Medical Sciences

To study the effect of tricep strengthening in lateral epicondylitis
Meenakshi Vairagade, Pradeep N Borkar, Tanuja Chhotwani
Subject: Physiotherapy, Medical Sciences

Effect of clonidine added to local anaesthetic in suparaclavicular brachial plexus block
Hemlata Chaudhary, Bharti Rajani, Ravi Agrawal
Subject: Anaesthesiology, Medical Sciences

Comparative study of recovery after desflurane versus sevoflurane anaesthesia in laproscopic surgery
Bharti Rajani, Hemlata Chaudhary, Shobhana Gupata
Subject: Anaesthesiology, Medical Sciences

Immunohistochemical evaluation of Ki-67 as a predictive marker in atypical cervical metaplastic epithelium
Nalini A R, Saravanan E
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

Sonographic evaluation of trauma in musculoskeletal system - A review
Haree Shankar Meganathan, Prashanth Jawahar, Raghul A R, Vignesh D
Subject: Radio-Diagnosis, Medical Sciences

A prospective study of the outcome of traumatic dorsolumbar fractures treated with posterior stabilisation by pedicle screw fixation
M Kannan
Subject: Orthopaedics, Medical Sciences

A study of incidence and outcome of blunt abdominal trauma at tertiary health care center
Vasant Anandrao Deshmukh, Prasad Magdum
Subject: General Surgery, Medical Sciences

Effect of single loading dose of MgSO4 in severe PIH
Jyoti Mokharia, Madhubala Chauhan, Ranjana Atal
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences

Prospective analysis of functional outcome of bicondylar tibial plateau fractures treated by fixation with locking compression plates
M Kannan
Subject: Orthopaedics, Medical Sciences

Ectopic pregnancy: A life-threatening condition
Sushant Subhash Patil, Smita Bhat
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences

A study of clinical profile of intestinal obstruction in pediatric patients at tertiary health care center
Salve  P G, Aruna Dahifale
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

Cervical thymic cyst – A rare presentation
Kamala Kannan S, Bharathi M B
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences

A study of clinico-etiologic factors associated with intestinal obstruction in pediatric patients at tertiary health care center
Salve  P G, R G Thakare
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

Anatomical variations in circle of willis in a random study group
Aarthi Parthasarathy, Sachin G Shatagar
Subject: Radio Diagnosis, Medical Sciences

A study of effectiveness of initial NECT versus combined NECT plus ct perfusion in detection of cerebral ischemia
Sharad M Malvadkar, Madhuri S Malvadkar, Shilpa V Domkundwar, Shivraj Ingole
Subject: Radio Diagnosis, Medical Sciences

Clinical symptomatology of uterine leiomyoma in relation with size
C S Patil(Dawle)
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences