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Table of Content-Volume 18, Issue 3 - April 2016

Estimation of stature from middle finger length among college students in Mangalore
Khan F, Vaswani V R, Pramod K L, Badiadka K K
Subject: Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Medical Sciences

Clinical profile of the patients with cervical dysplasia at tertiary care hospital
Dhele Pradeep Manthappa
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences

Orbital lymphoma - A diagnostic challenge
Anamika H Agrawal, Vidhya D Khobragade, Ankita A Patil, Anjali D Nicholson
Subject: Ophthalmology, Medical Sciences

Predictive value of transvaginal sonographic cervical length at 18-24 weeks gestation in preterm labour in primigravida
Nivedita et al.
Subject: G, Medical Sciences

Perinatal outcome in ‘high risk’ and ‘normal term' pregnancies: A hospital based case control study
Rajkumar Meshram, Abhimanyu Niswade, Saira Merchant
Subject: Paediatrics, Medical Sciences

Epidemiology of Burkholderia cepacia complex infections in a tertiary care centre
A Mohankumar, T S Shailaja
Subject: Microbiology, Medical Sciences

Trials registered in clinical trials registry of India in 2013: A descriptive study
Kiran A Bhave, Sweta B Tondare
Subject: Pharmacology, Medical Sciences

A study of incidence and prevalence of breech delivery at tertiary care health center
R Sujatha
Subject: Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Medical Sciences

Study of breast lesions in the tertiary health care centre
Kalyani S, Meharaj Banu O A
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

A study with Indian standard battery of allergens in cases of hand eczema in Rajasthan
Vishwender, Kishor Singh, Sanjay Kanodia, Mayuri Jain
Subject: Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology, Medical Sciences

A comparative study of efficacy of purlifloxacin with other quinolones and fluroquinolones among the escherichia coli isolates from various clinical specimens
B Durka Devi, P Kennedy Kumar, K S Sridharan, Senita Samual
Subject: Microbiology, Medical Sciences

Frequency and indications of primary caesarean section inmultipara in tertiary care hospital
Meha Agrawal, S Waydande, V Jadhav, S Bhave
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences

Study of clinical and laboratory features with outcome in patients of dengue viral infection
Manish Ramesh Patil, S S Chavan, S V Birajdar
Subject: Medicine, Medical Sciences

Comparative study of two methods to evaluate optic nerve head changes in patients of primary open angle glaucoma with respect to visual field defects
V H Karambelkar, V Pradhan
Subject: Ophthalmology, Medical Sciences

Clinical profile of chronic kidney disease patients at tertiary care hospital
Roheet Bansidhar Patel, S V Birajdar, S S Chavan
Subject: Medicine, Medical Sciences

Study of clinical profile and outcome of venous thromboembolism associated with HIV infection in tertiary care center of Bharati Hospital, Sangli
Anurag Shirish Chavan et al.
Subject: Medicine, Medical Sciences

A study of various risk factors among female patients having ischemic heart disease at tertiary health care centre
Milind Kisanrao Kulkarni, S V Birajdar, S S Chavan
Subject: Medicine, Medical Sciences

A study of hearing lost in relation to size of tympanic membrane perforation
Raghuji D Thorat, Chetan Ghorpade, Milind Samangaonkar
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences

Study of fundus changes in pregnancy induced hypertension and its relationship with fetal parameters
D K Sindal, Swati Chidre
Subject: Ophthalmology, Medical Sciences

Renal cell carcinoma – correlation of fuhrman grading with prognostic factors
Hassan Sona Rai, Shilpa Premkumar, Prema Saldanha
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

A study of prevalence and clinical profile of peripheral vascular disease in patients with diabetic foot infections
Poovarasan S, P S M Ameer ali
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

A study of biomarkers CA-125 CA 19-9 and CA 15-3 in endometriosis
Preeti Sharma, Shashi Gupta, Nivedita Prashar, B R Bhagat, Gopal Sharma
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences

A comparative study of intrathecal magnesium sulphate with Bupivacaine and Fentanyl versus intrathecal Bupivacaine and Fentanyl for spinal anaesthesia in patients undergoing lower abdominal oncosurgeries
Henjarappa K S et al.
Subject: Anaesthesiology And Critical Care, Medical Sciences

Awareness about eye disorders and prevalence of symptomatic eye disorder in persons with diabetes: A cross-sectional study
Mahuya Pal Chattopadhyay, Snigdha Roy, Ritesh Singh, Atanu Biswas
Subject: Ophthalmology and Community Medicine, Medical Sciences

A study of Vitiligo and other Pigmentary disorder among geriatric patient attending a tertiary care hospital
Bifi Joy, Rinu Ruth George, Hashba B P
Subject: Dermatology, Medical Sciences

Ultrasound findings in dengue fever
Omprakash Bhangdia, Suresh Bhattad, Kirti Bhangdiya
Subject: Radiology and Pediatrics, Medical Sciences

A study of Neoplastic skin disorder in geriatric patients attending a tertiary care center
Bifi Joy, Rinu Ruth George, Rani Maria George
Subject: Dermatology, Medical Sciences

Immunohistochemical study of p16INK4a expression in cervical carcinoma and dysplasia in correlation with histopathology
Kory Swetha, Shantala P R, Ramdas Naik, Chanabasappa Chavadi, AijazMuzamil Dar
Subject: Pathology and Radiology, Medical Sciences

Clinico-epidemiological study geriatric dermatosesin a tertiary care hospital in Kerala
Rinu Ruth George, Bifi Joy, Anumod N Balakrishnan
Subject: Dermatology, Medical Sciences

Prolapsed giant cervical fibroid polyp mimicking procidentia - A case report
Sanjeev Behera, Ankita Singh, K B Subudhi
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences

A clinicoepidemiologic study and patch testing in footwear contact dermatitis
Sreejesh Narayanan, S Ajayakumar, S Rajiv, T V Anoop
Subject: Dermatology, Medical Sciences

PLIF in spondylolisthesis – Does it achieve the goal?
Subramaniam M H, Arun R, Anush Rao P, Narayana Reddy M
Subject: Orthopaedic Surgery, Medical Sciences

A Study of Incidence and Outcome of complications during femoral Interventions
Amit Joshi, Ravikant Patil, A V Deshpande
Subject: Cardiology, Medical Sciences

Pelvic incidence in Asian population
Subramaniam M H, Anush Rao, Arun R, Narayana Reddy M
Subject: Orthopaedic Surgery, Medical Sciences

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