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Table of Content-Volume 19, Issue 1 - May 2016

Incidence, risk factors and microbiological profile of Surgical Site Infections in cardiac surgery patients
A K Baburajan, T S Shailaja, C K Shibu
Subject: Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery,Microbiology & Cardiac Anaesthesiology, Medical Sciences

Comorbidity of recurrent depressive disorder with thyroid dysfunction and altered lipid metabolism in postmenopausal women: A case-control study
Aditi Ranawat, Maheep Sinha, Ram Kumar Solanki
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

Phenotyphic Determination of Urinary Virulence Factors in Escherichia coli
Vidhya J, Senita Samuel, Kennedy Kumar P, KopulaSridharan S, Uma Sekar
Subject: Microbiology, Medical Sciences

Comparative study of bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow clot sections in various haematological disorders
Upasana Uniya, Yogesh Patle, Hanisha Jain
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

A study of the efficacy of mifepristone with misoprostol over misoprostol alone in medical termination of pregnancy
Pushpee Sinha
Subject: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical Sciences

A comparative study of two different doses of Gabapentin in attenuating the cardiovascular response to direct laryngoscopy and intubation
V B Gowda, Manjunath K S, Henjarappa K S, Namrata Ranganath, Arathi B H
Subject: Anaesthesiology and Pain Relief, Medical Sciences

Assessment of the insulin resistance- insulin sensitivity and β cell function in type 2 diabetes with NAFLD associated with HFE gene mutation
K Ponsuganthi, R Sudha
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

Dukes treadmill score and myocardial perfusion scintigraphy - A comparative study in patients
Harish B, Sowmya H E
Subject: Nuclear Medicine, Medical Sciences

A study A study of the role of insulin resistance and iron in NAFLD associated with HFE gene mutation
RK Ponsuganthi, R Sudha
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

HLA-A association with psoriasis in a south Indian population
Ashwin Anandan, Krishnamoorthy R, Ravindra Prasad T, Panicker V K, Murugan S
Subject: Transfusion Medicine & Dermatology, Medical Sciences

A comparative study of venous and capillary blood glucose levels by semi auto analyser and glucometer
Supriya Shete, Humaira Khan, A M Siddiqui, Amol Shinde
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

Use of psychological principles of management for improved performance in patients care in a tertiary care centre - A randomised control study
Nasir Mahmood Khan et al.
Subject: Psychiatry, Pulmonary Medicine, Anatomy and Geriatric Psychiatry, Medical Sciences

A study of metabolic syndrome in newly diagnosed patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the tertiary care centre of Kumaun region
Taukeer Ahmad, Sangeeta Singh, Basant Joshi, Suman Pandey
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

Alvarado score and ultrasonographic criteria to diagnose acute appendicitis: A clinical study of 100 cases
Arvind et al.
Subject: General Surgery, Medical Sciences

Laryngeal tuberculosis and its outcome
Ashok Purohit, Shashikant Dorkar
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences

Study of comparison of yield of bronchial brushing and broncho-alveolar lavage in diagnosis of lung cancer
Vijaykumar R Kapse, Dilip G Mhaisekar, Dattatray Totewad, Mithilesh Kulkarni
Subject: Pulmonary Medicine, Medical Sciences

tudy of rhinolith as detected by CT scan paranasal air sinuses at tertiary health care centre
Anil G Joshi
Subject: Radio-Diagnosis, Medical Sciences

A cross sectional study on iodized salt usage at household level in Ulagankulam Panchayat of Tirunelveli district Tamil Nadu
P Getrude Banumathi, D Jaiganesh, P Parameshwari, R Dharani Sri, P Ravishankar
Subject: Community Medicine & Public Health and Dentistry, Medical Sciences

Study of nutritional status of primary school children in an urban field practice area of Pune
Sayyad Tajmul, Arun Bansode, Akshay Salgar, N S Inamdar
Subject: Community Medicine, Medical Sciences

Head and neck cancer in Bihar
Rajat Rohan, Damandeep Kaur Mundi, Arup Sengupta
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences

A clinicopathological study of colorectal carcinomas
Farzana T et al.
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

Study of dental caries in primary school children of rural area
Arun Bansode, Sayyad Tajmul, N S Inamdar
Subject: Community Medicine, Medical Sciences

A study of personal habits and associated addictions in suicides and para suicides at tertiary health care center
Sanjay T Thorat, Rachna S Thorat
Subject: Medicine, Medical Sciences

Histopathological study of nasal mass – A study of 110 cases
Uma R, Meharaj Banu O A
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

A study of hearing function in power-loom workers
G S Kadam et al.
Subject: Physiology and ENT, Medical Sciences

Newborn hearing screening – Need of the hour
D M Ambekar
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences

A study of incidence and pattern of anaemia in patients with non-haematological malignancies
R Palaniswamy, K M Selvanayaki
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

Evaluation of teaching methods and its benefit in medical college: A pilot study
Prachi Shelke, M S Phatak
Subject: Physiology, Medical Sciences

Clinico- pathological study of patients of skin cancers at tertiary health care centre
Deepak Gugale
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

A comparative study to evaluate symptomatic low back pain relief in taxi drivers using lumbar back support
Harish B S, Manish D Chatte, Sangeet K Gawhale
Subject: Orthopaedics, Medical Sciences

Study of correlation of sonographic findings with that of pathological findings in differentiating benign from malignant thyroid lesions
Aruna P Oak, Sandeep S kavthale, Sandeep More
Subject: Radio diagnosis, Medical Sciences

Clinical Study of the Vertigo Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences

A Study of Liver cell dysplasia as an incidental finding in Liver Autopsy
P Jayaganesh
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

A study of space occupying lesions of brain with respect to signal intensity characteristics
Balaji H Kombade, Atish L Komwad, Atul Meshram, Bhagwat Kedar
Subject: Radio diagnosis, Medical Sciences


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