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Table of Content-Volume 18, Issue 2 - March 2016

To study the effectiveness of sleep apnea clinical score (SACS) as pretest probability in OSAS
D S Totewad, M M Mahindrakar, V R Kapse, D G Mhaisekar
Subject: Pulmonanry Medicine, Medical Sciences

Laporotomy to laparoscopy in ectopic pregnancies-an analysis of clinical profile and outcome in a tertiary care hospital in south India
Lakshmi Rao C V, Aruna Devi V, Gautami K, Shwetha S
Subject: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical Sciences

Study of serum C-reactive protein, serum protein and urine protein in diabetes mellitus with and without chronic renal failure
A M Siddiqui, SunitaYamalwad, Amol R Shinde, H N Khan, Khannade
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

Uterine leiomyomata-management in a tertiary care centre
Lakshmi Rao C V, Nirmala P, Sruthi Reddy, Pranav, Aishwarya
Subject: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical Sciences

A comparative study of single incision versus double incision in bilateral hydrocele operations
Anil Kumar M Talwade, Shivyogi S Bali
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

A comparative study of scalpel skin incision versus thermo-coagulative skin incisions in general surgery
Manjunath, Shivyogi S Bali
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

A Comparative Study of Band Ligation versus Open haemorrhoidectomy in Second Degree Haemorrhoids
Shivyogi S Bali, Anil Kumar M Talwade
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

Pattern of visual analogue scale in the treatment of hernia patients
Aashik Shetty B, Ramdas Rai
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

A study of Clinico- Demographic Profile of ST elevation MI patients
Gadiraju Satyanarayana Raju, Neelakandan Ramya
Subject: General Medicine, Medical Sciences

Study of prevalence of renal failure and outcome in snake bite patients in tertiary care hospital
Sanjay B Jagtap, Shyam Toshniwal, Madahvi Kabra, Ravi Sangolkar
Subject: Medicine, Medical Sciences

The use of misoprostol alone in medical evacuation of embryonic demise
Lakshmi Rao C V, Rajeswari B, Mounika M, Varsha M
Subject: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Sciences

Open book examination as an effective tool for reviewing the subject and reinforcement of the concepts in medical education – IInd MBBS student’s perspective
Jamunarani Srirangaramasamy et al.
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

Clinico-etiological profile of burn and non-healing wounds at tertiary health care centre
Shobha S Nisale
Subject: General Surgery, Medical Sciences

Rhinophyma- A case series
S A Jaiswal, Mayashankar Vishwakarma, Sanket D Vakharia, Seema R Gupta, Haneef Khan
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences

Anticonvulsant activity of Nebivolol in MES induced seizures in mice
Kiran Bhave, Nitin Maksane, Prasad Pandit, Shalini Maksane
Subject: Pharmacology and Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

A comparative study of oral Dexmedetomide and oral Midazolam with respect to sedation and mask acceptance and agitation as premedication in children
Punita Priya S, Supriya Saravanan, N Krishnan
Subject: Anaesthesiology, Medical Sciences

Systematic study of surgical site infection in tertiary care centre at rural India
P D Gurav, Neha Jadhav, Amol Kamble
Subject: General Surgery, Medical Sciences

Physical method to yield increased positivity of sterile body fluid bacterial cultures
Sulaiha K S, P Kennedy Kumar, K S Sridharan, Senita Samuel
Subject: Microbiology, Medical Sciences

Analysis of biochemical markers in alcoholic liver cirrhosis
Vijin Joseph, C P Abdul Rahman
Subject: General Medicine, Medical Sciences

A study of assessment of various methods of immobilization in acute fractures of lower end of radius
Sanjay S More, Rahul N Bade
Subject: Orthopaedics, Medical Sciences

Comparative study of CANSCORE with anthropometry in the assessment of fetal malnutrition at tertiary care hospital
Lakhute S V, Kendre V V, Dixit J V, Nagaonkar A S, Chinte L T
Subject: Community Medicine, Medical Sciences

A study of primary treatment modality and period of union of fracture shaft of femur and tibia
Rahul N Bade, Sanjay S More
Subject: Orthopaedics, Medical Sciences

The diagnosis and outcome of acute undifferentiated febrile illness among children – A hospital based observational study
Shamikumar R P, Kishore Narayan, Balamma Sujatha, Lal D V Nair
Subject: Paediatrics, Medical Sciences

Graft material used in type 1 tympanoplasty
Rajat Rohan, Abhinav Raj, Sumit Chattopadhyay
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences

Study of anterior capsule staining with Trypan blue dye for Capsulorrhexis in mature and hypermature cataract
Dongre M B, Belnekar R E
Subject: Ophthalmology, Medical Sciences

A study of various maternal outcomes with respect to teenage pregnancies
Neha Kachroo, Nivedita Prashar, Shashi Gupta, Gopal Sharma, Anna ZarfishanBelnekar R E
Subject: Surgery and OBGY, Medical Sciences

Comparative study of cardiovascular response to laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation following intravenous lignocaine with lignocaine nebulization
Supriya Saravanan, Punita Priya S, Raghavendra Rao R S, T N Srikantamurthy
Subject: Anaesthesiology, Medical Sciences

A comparative study of use of adhesive glue versus skin staplers for closure of skin incisions
Sujan Narayan Agrawal
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

Spectrum of Soft Tissue Tumors in Tertiary Cancer Centre
Susruthan Muralitharan, V Sridevi, J Thanka
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

Developmental dysplasia of hip - Sonographic findings
Bhaskar Raj, Gopinath Menon, Jeyaanth P V, P M Venkata Sai
Subject: Radiology and Imaging Sciences,Orthopedic Surgery, Medical Sciences

Immunohistochemical evaluation of expression of PTEN in surface epithelial tumors of ovary
Nalini A R, Saravanan E, Shanthi P
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

Prevalence and pattern of alcohol use in Kerala – A district based survey
K Vidhukumar, E Nazeer2, P Anil
Subject: Psychiatry, Medical Sciences

Clonidine as an adjuvant to bupivacaine in infraclavicular brachial plexus block for prolongation of post-operative analgesia
K Sri Hyndavi, Divakar Patil, Abhijit Mohite, Rajesh Navale, Jyotsna Paranjpe
Subject: Anaesthesiology, Medical Sciences

Clinico epidemiological study of chronic idiopathic urticaria and ASST as a diagnostic aid in chronic idiopathic urticaria
Pramod D et al.
Subject: Dermatology, Medical Sciences

Carotid body tumour: A rare case report
Bharti Saraswat, Rajesh K N, Mahendra Kumar, Yeshavanth Preetham G V
Subject: General Surgery, Medical Sciences

Clinical Profile of Poisoning Cases Admitted to Intensive Care Unit at Tertiary Health Care Centre
Arjun Shelke
Subject: TB and Respiratory Medicine, Medical Sciences

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